Thursday, September 17, 2015

A conversation with herself

She said: I’m really fed up I can’t do anything more, it’s all about routine!!
Herself said: I’m really capable of doing more, I can travel, play, love and laugh
She said: I want a really big break
Herself said: I haven’t started working yet!!
She said: I’ve been hurt a lot
Herself said: and I can forgive
She said: I’m not loved by anyone
Herself said: but I love you much more than you can even think
She said: I’m too old for having fun
Herself said: and I’m too young for playing and these childish business again and again
She said: I’ve reached my limit
Herself said: What’s limit?!
Herself said: yes I’m still young, I’ve everything before me, I can love again and I’m capable of forgiveness. I’ve no limits, I don’t know either what does this word mean. I always have new starts.

If somebody have to be old it’s you not me. The soul never dies!!!

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