Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love never ends

This is the story that proves that love never ends.

There was a prince called Christopher. He was a successful prince because he had loved his country and the place that he was born in it by its people and his family very much.
He had reached this place by warring the enemies of his country. But let us talk about his personal life with love.

He had loved a princess called Elizabeth, she was a beauty, funny, cute and behaves well. And she loves him too. They were in love for 5 years. Every time she says to him that she wants to be married to him, he says that his wars and enemies wouldn’t leave them live. Until she had been killed by his enemies, because he had done to them an action that they didn’t like. 
So he was very sad, and every night he goes to her and put the best kind of flowers above her coffin and talks to her many hours. But this hadn’t stopped him warring the enemies of his country. 
After 2 years, he had seen a woman which was also beautiful, funny and cute, too. She was called Diana, But this time he had married her, But his enemies had killed his wife in her wedding.
 The prince Christopher was very sad and the desperation had infected him. But he hadn’t stopped warring for his country, because he loves his country.

So this story proves that whether loving to a lady or to any other reason in the life named love, so love never ends.