Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Take a chance in the unknown!!

Maybe it’s hard but it’s possible.

I think that it’s the “who keeps calmer longer” war.

You got to be braver than you can imagine and stronger than you can even think yourself.

I believe that you’ll find that yourself the moment you decide to open your mind, your heart and your soul to the life.

And remember that “life isn’t a lesson to be taught but it’s an experience to be lived”.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Believe in God

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in destiny.
Whatever happens to us in life positive or negative is all destined to us by God.

And remember God loves you more than you even love yourself and knows about you what’s deeply buried in your heart.

Also remember that God will never put a boundary in front of you that you’re really weak to pass.

God is the most merciful !!  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A conversation with herself

She said: I’m really fed up I can’t do anything more, it’s all about routine!!
Herself said: I’m really capable of doing more, I can travel, play, love and laugh
She said: I want a really big break
Herself said: I haven’t started working yet!!
She said: I’ve been hurt a lot
Herself said: and I can forgive
She said: I’m not loved by anyone
Herself said: but I love you much more than you can even think
She said: I’m too old for having fun
Herself said: and I’m too young for playing and these childish business again and again
She said: I’ve reached my limit
Herself said: What’s limit?!
Herself said: yes I’m still young, I’ve everything before me, I can love again and I’m capable of forgiveness. I’ve no limits, I don’t know either what does this word mean. I always have new starts.

If somebody have to be old it’s you not me. The soul never dies!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just an opinion!!

Today a friend of mine asked me a question “Will a plane, supposing that it was fixed above the Earth, fall down on the same point where it firstly took off from?!”

And when I thought about it that what I’ve reached:

The moon, has a fixed orbit around the Earth, why? Because of the gravity on Earth!

Suppose that the moon was on Earth and it was fired from it, so I think that the place where the moon is now is the same place where it was fired from due to the gravitational and centrifugal force between the Earth and the moon.

Well that was only a try to solve the problem if you have any other solution kindly leave it in a comment J