Thursday, July 31, 2014


Is Being *different* insanity??!!
Sure not; we’re all different (in traditions, in how we look, in our interests and so on), even you experience different moods in one day, so why you keep blaming people on being different from you, we are living not to avoid mistakes and hide our drawbacks but to love them, to live with them and try to improve ourselves.
You cannot hate yourself for a mistake you’ve done, you’d better learn from it because time won’t go back to that moment so you can change what happened but it will keep moving on till it reaches a similar action, will you do something else?

And Always remember #la_vie_est_belle

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Live it the way *you*
Yup! We can’t live life the same way everyone else does. We’re different and we’ve to accept that; simply you can’t blame others because they act in a different way or have a lifestyle not like yours.
That’s life love it, live it and be a source of inspiration to others. Let them see that you can accept differences; you can innovate and never let the routine to kill you of boredom.
And remember #la_vie_est_belle ;)