Friday, August 12, 2011


If you are lonely take a look to the sky

Making this always

Won’t let you cry

Listen to your heart

Listen to the memories of yesterday

Making this today

Won’t make you sorrow

About what you have done this day

Don’t say I can’t

Instead stand

And complete what you began

This life is a game

Lose or gain

Feeling pain

These all like a stain

Let it out from your brain

And this will make you feel all right

And your heart will feel delight.



  1. Hey ,gal.It is always pleasure to read your cute and sweets post .Very cute written.

    Can I ask where do you get such beautiful wallpaper ?I want some.

  2. Thanx for this beautiful comment on my post

    According to these pic. go to google images and write "cute girls paintings"

  3. OK thanks .I thought they from some website. They are really cute .


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