Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tom & Jerry

The life and the human….!!

WE all think that the life is Tom and the human is Jerry, this because in our point of view that life is so hard and contains lot of pain.

But in my point of view is that we are making our life and we are going to choose its career if it’s Tom or Jerry.

And my evidence on that we meet people in our life some of them are happy and some are sad, this because that the happy people decided to look upon their positives in their life even if they are poor.

On the other hand the sad people they decided to look upon their negatives in their life even if they are rich and have all the joy of this world.

Be always happy and remember always that you are Tom and the life is Jerry so we all must look forward upon your positives in our life.

Friday, July 8, 2011

How Many Times……………..?

·      You asked yourself about what you have done in your life.

·      You asked yourself about what you are going to do.

·      You asked yourself what you are doing now.

We all must think about the answers of these questions, “For better life, better thinking and helpful creations”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Change

What you are waiting for??

*     For a miracle

*     For a shock in your life

*     For a person to push you

*     For an advice

*     For a hard responsibility  

To make you change from your inside before outside

The change is like a candle that wants a fire to light. This candle is you if you are a fine candle you will light the whole room by the time the fire touches you but if you are a bad candle you are not going to light if you were thrown inside an oven!!

So don’t wait for a fire to touch you let yourself light the whole world without a fire.


Being happy isn’t drawing a smile on your face but you decided to look forward upon your positive points in your life.